WaveRaxx - Strapless Surfboard Racks - Quick in & Quick out

WaveRaxx - Strapless Surfboard Racks - Quick in & Quick out

WaveRaxx - Strapless Surfboard Racks - Quick in & Quick outWaveRaxx - Strapless Surfboard Racks - Quick in & Quick out

Caught on Video WaveRaxx

  • Innovative Surfboard Transport System. Quick in, Quick out, Strapless, & Lockable.  Patent #D817,853  In the video below the WaveRaxx are on a Thule Aeroblade crossbar. Your surfboard is suspended above the crossbar thereby no more ruined wax on the deck from the crossbar and no padding needed. WaveRaxx works with most cross bar channel racks on the market; TracRac, Thule, Yakima and Rhino Racks to name a few. Follow us on Instagram for updates!  Please visit my Shop and the Photo Gallery. 

Innovative Surfboard transport system.


Look Mom No Straps. Completely lockable system so you can shop at the mall or dine in a restaurant and know your surfboard is safe. Quick In and Quick Out, takes less than 30 seconds to load and GO!

Aerodynamic - No Bulky Pads restricting airflow

Have you ever put your surfboard on car racks and later see that your deck's wax job has been destroyed from hot bulky crossbar pads. Never again when you use WaveRaxx, your surfboard never touches the crossbars. No bulky crossbar pads blocking airflow

WaveRaxx Speed Test

  • WaveRaxx Speed Test.  This is my truck with TracRac on it.  I have my WaveRaxx Surfboard Racks mounted in the track channel of the TracRac crossbars.  No Straps and tested at speeds in excess of 85 MPH.  I've driven with my WaveRaxx System for over 6 years now with no issues.  Other car roof rack & bar channel manufacturers are Thule, Yakima, and Rhino Racks. Check out the Photo Gallery.

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